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January 2016

December 21, 2015


The state has a reputation for corrupt officials, but one contractor took on the Goliath that is the DTOD, and won

Appeals court upholds ruling against table saw manufacturer in accident case

A look at three tech stocks that affect remodelers

A survey of homeowners turns up some surprising data about the factors that go into choosing a remodeler

Using flexible ducts saves time, but careless installation can cause performance-related problems that are hard to find and even harder to fix after the drywall goes up

DeWalt's latest offering comes in strong with cordless convenience and excellent build quality 

Who knows how the next year will play out, but these four issues are likely to affect most remodelers in 2016

I was struck by the almost supernatural power of Twitter to influence a crowd, and how much that power has diminished in just five years  

Whether it's making use of reclaimed lumber or creating a patina-rich finish, these five products have something unique to offer 

From wire-brushed granite to old barn lumber, reclaimed materials and industrial style are finding their place in more remodeling projects 

3-D renderings beat flat plans and elevations every time. Here’s a look at the software tools that make it all possible

Chad Hatfield of Hatfield Builders & Remodelers on why he prefers to use Schluter's Shower System

Using video on its website homepage, Texas remodeling company Euro Design Build Remodel has found a new way to engage visitors


As far as local public relations campaigns go, this one for Remodeling Council members in the greater Des Moines area definitely counts as a winner

The dominant issue facing the remodeling industry is the labor shortage. So, where will we find the workers we need?

Forget what Harry said. Personnel (or human resources, as we now call it) is your company's most precious resource

Mark Richardson's list of the 10 most-common mistakes made in remodeling businesses. Avoid them, and your odds for success go way up.

The trend for integrated appliances has made installation more complicated and far more exacting 

Have you ever considered offering a lifetime warranty? It’s not as crazy as it sounds. In fact, if you do it right, it’s a revenue generator

Offering product advice to homeowners could create liability for the remodeler


Who knows how the next year will play out, but these four issues are likely to affect most remodelers in 2016

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