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February 2020

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February 2020

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A System for Reviews

Treating reviews like a referral center with clear goals will help grow your business

A New Decade

Why it’s important to look beyond 2020, and how to organize your thinking for the next 10 years

Here’s Trouble

There are two provisions in most every construction contract that you better understand

Sintered Stone: The 411

Natural stone looks great, but can come at a high cost. An alternative is sintered stone, but what are its benefits?

Building a Better Remodeler

Any industry that supports an industry association also supports a debate about the value of that association. The National Association of the…

Innovative Product: Antoniolupi Ghost

An Italian showerhead that disappears into the ceiling

Window and Door Pro Lands Deal On Shark Tank

Expects it to be new standard in the market

Innovative Products: ZipWall Dust Barrier PassThrough

No more tape, no more rips, no more hassle 

Innovative Products: DAP Tank Bond: Thread Stopper and Liquid Grip

End the headache of loose fasteners and stripped screws

Innovative Products: SVG U VR Goggles

A virtual reality platform geared specifically toward restoration and remodeling contractors

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