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February 2017

January 25, 2017


Exterior products and technologies in The New American Remodeled Home 2017 

Industry associations are taking direct action to help alleviate the labor shortage

According to recent U.S./Canadian study

There's strong growth in trades working with energy-efficient products

New law amends existing rules

Optimism is at an eight-year high, Wells Fargo survey finds

Buying a car used to involve haggling with a salesperson on the dealership lot. Now most car dealers have an online sales department. Is home improvement next? 

How to leverage replacement window styles to elevate a space

As long as there’s a temperature difference and some height, the air is churning.

Compartmentalizing the air barrier builds redundancy into the envelope, adding quality and improved performance to your projects

A cantilever over glass drawers creates a dramatic floating effect in this stone countertop. Here’s how it’s done.

These three tools offer good ergonomics and survivability in tough environments

After years of lukewarm response, Americans are now giving the bidet a whirl

Installing with employees costs more, but the benefits are well worth it. You just have to explain those benefits when you sell the job.

Like the weather, everyone complains about the labor shortage, but no one does anything about it—until now

Before you go broad, go deep

The whys and hows of using storytelling to emotionally connect with homeowners 

One bold prediction says that in the next five years, half of exterior replacement sales will be completed remotely

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