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February 2016

February 15, 2016


Ten years after a historic building frenzy, remodelers are seeing more and more defective new homes

How architect Andy Byrnes transformed an unremarkable horse barn into an exquisite guest house

It turns out that old-school lighting theory doesn’t work so well in practice. Here are some more effective kitchen lighting solutions

The number of leads you need depends on how well prospects are screened, how many sales you close, the average size of those sales, and your revenue target 

Walls don’t breathe anymore, and that’s good. But they don’t dry as well either, and that’s bad. These rainscreen assemblies solve the problem.

Whether it's innovation for the sake of luxury or practicality, these three toilet trends are gaining momentum

For many portable table saws, “compact” can indicate too much loss of function. Not so with the DeWalt.

Michael Losey, lead carpenter for remodeling company Bright Ideas by Martinec, weights in on the pros (and maybe one con) of the Festool track saw

Why, as business improves, it's important to update job descriptions with input from existing staff


Turn the final walk-through with clients into an opportunity to shine

In today's interconnected online world, businesses are vulnerable, and businesses with fewer than 100 employees even more so

Repairing construction defects can be risky unless you take some precautions

How belief echoes can affect people’s attitudes even when they know something is false

It's now 10 years since Fred Reichheld introduced the concept of the Net Promoter Score, but it's as relevant as ever

For this former one-call closer, what goes around comes around

While it isn't always possible to predict exactly how things will change, it is important to make the inevitability of change an integral part of your business strategy  

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