August 2017

August 14, 2017


To avoid moisture and mold problems, isolate the crawlspace framing from the soil with a heavy-duty vapor barrier

Carefully installed window bucks make for secure fastening and easy alignment of windows and exterior trim 

It's a warning, not a recall

The industry is hurting, but professionals aren't worried

    Offering custom roof flashing to clients can set you apart from the competition. Here are two ways to introduce the option into your business.

    Professional Remodeler’s annual roundup of the top 100 products as chosen by you, our readers

    The owners of NewSouth Window Solutions took the company from zero to $50 million in just seven years. Here’s how they did it. 

    Here’s what home improvement pros need to consider to avoid unintended consequences when adding a new product 

    Selling has never been easy, but it’s far harder today than it was even a few years ago

    Tips for discussions with remodeling prospects

    Use this simple exercise to problem-solve and break down stress 

    We are on the cusp of a truly exciting time for women in construction 

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