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August 2016

August 02, 2016


Women remodelers earning 3.6 percent weekly more than men

On May 18, 2016, the Department of Labor redefined the Fair Labor Standards Act’s overtime threshold

Poorly installed or missing flashing at roof-wall connections is a common cause of water damage. Here's the solution

Careful flashing and a tight fit are keys to success when retrofitting the first of two layers of foam

The most popular products in 10 categories, based on reader interest during the past year

While a few home improvement companies look to find a way to bypass the in-home sales appointment, one—Zen Windows—already has

The way a business handles complaints is a litmus test of company culture. How does yours fare? 

While building a business, you're also building a life. Years from now when you look back on both, will the scales be balanced?

Be careful not to run afoul of federal cooling-off regulations

Implementation problems aside, the smart home is coming, and remodelers need to be ready 

Today, your real competition isn’t the other remodelers, builders, or designers in your area; your real competitor is the homeowner

Being a lover and student of old houses is one thing. Owning and carefully remodeling one is another matter.

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