Innovative Products: SVG U VR Goggles

A virtual reality platform geared specifically toward restoration and remodeling contractors

February 03, 2020
VR SVG U goggles for remodeling and seeing storm damage in 3D

SVG also sells goggle skins allowing for customization of the original SVG U VR goggles with the user’s company logo and color scheme—a great opportunity for furthering your company branding.

We’re all familiar with VR goggles by now. But Storm Ventures Group (SVG)—a consulting management and joint venture firm focused primarily on catastrophe management—has taken that technology and adapted it specifically to benefit restoration and remodeling contractors. 

Enter the SVG U VR Goggles. These not only let contractors bring excitement and innovation into their clients’ homes, but also provides the opportunity to continue their own learning and bring their business up to speed with modern tech.

“What really sets our product apart is the courses we offer directly through the goggles,” says Anthony Delmedico, CEO of SVG. “Storm Ventures Group University (SVG U) has always offered classes, but being able to provide a 360-degree, immersive learning environment to contractors through the goggles has taken the experience to the next level.”


At the time of writing, 10 courses are available through the SVG U VR goggles. The company took their most popular Phase 1 sales training courses from SVG U, refilmed them, and uploaded them into the proprietary SVG VR Goggles. Courses include scouting; conducting roofing and property inspections; roof assessments; storm damage and insurance claim process education; build and recovery processes; manufacturer specifications and warranties; and business sales. 

“Regardless of weather conditions such as rain or cold,” says Delmedico, “new hires can train 24/7 indoors in a real-life virtual platform using a laser pointer and our set of goggles.”

Take roofing damage, for example. It can be difficult to train contractors to differentiate between actual damage versus expected wear-and-tear. The SVG U goggles help remedy this, by providing the user with a virtual scenario where they can inspect a damaged roof and, through trial and error, learn what storm damage can look like compared to typical aging. And all of this can be done without an actual damaged roof in front of them.

The SVG U goggles provide the user with a virtual scenario where they can inspect a damaged roof and, through trial and error, learn what storm damage can look like compared to typical aging.

But why do contractors even need this advanced technology to train and educate their team, subcontractors, and clients? Delmedico says the reasoning is multipronged. 

With the SVG U VR goggles, all the contractors need to do is power the goggles up and use the laser pointer to navigate courses and training scenarios. On top of that, Delmedico mentions an often overlooked benefit: fun. “Edu-tainment is as important as the technology itself,” he says. “Nobody wants to watch a boring tutorial or video that puts them to sleep.”

It’s also no secret that contracting and other blue-collar industries have struggled with attracting new, younger talent. “Bringing in technology that these generations are familiar and even comfortable with can be a game changer,” Delmedico says. “It’s a way to establish a connection and level the playing field.”

SVG is continuing to expand the course offerings on their VR goggles—including a fire restoration how-to video—and is working with roofing manufacturers, suppliers, and even a few larger roofing companies to film customized training courses. 

The SVG U VR goggle system is currently sold for $2,999, and includes the VR goggles and laser pointer, as well as access to all the SVG U Phase 1 sales training courses.

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