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Innovative Products: Post-it Extreme Notes

Designed for the construction industry, 3M’s new post-its stick to lumber, brick, cement and steel

April 04, 2018
3M's extreme post it are great for construction jobsites

Post-its have two simple jobs: You need to be able to write on them, and the sticky stuff has to be strong enough to hold the paper in place. Unfortunately, they often fail at job no. 2.

Fortunately, 3M has come out with a new take on an old product which solves that problem and then some. Designed specifically for the construction industry, Post-it Extreme Notes cheerfully stick to surfaces that are beyond the wildest dreams of conventional Post-its.

Professional Remodeler staff were given a sample of the product and tested it on a variety of materials to see if 3M’s claims of superior stickiness were the real thing. Dusty brick, check. Old boards, check. Concrete driveway, check. Random pieces of dirty metal, check. The Extreme Notes didn’t come loose even when it started raining.

The Post-its themselves are quite thin and feel like masking tape (another 3M invention). The material is harder to tear than regular paper and holds ink—especially Sharpies—exceptionally well. Some online reviewers have complained that ballpoint pens don’t work on Extreme Notes, but we didn’t have that problem.

Post-it Extreme Notes were available at major retailers beginning in March. The 3-inch by 3-inch pads come in four colors and start at $4.99.

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