Innovative Products: Pelican EZ-Click MOLLE Panel System

A storage system that converts the lid into usable space

October 20, 2020
Pelican Ez Click MOLLE Panels

If organization gets you going, Pelican has introduced the perfect product for you: the EZ-Click MOLLE Panel, the only quick-release MOLLE mounting system.

The panel is made to fit into the inside of the container’s lid, allowing pros to secure the tools they need to the lid organizer’s grid and then lock it into place. With the new quick-release design, users can easily remove the panel and reorganize the lid without the hassle of extra tools. 

If you work in extreme temperatures, these panels have you covered: They can withstand temperatures from 0 °F to 140 °F.

Pelican MOLLE Panel System ez click

Easily switch out panels with quick-relase

“We’ve seen our customers innovate their Pelican cases with various DIY-MOLLE attachment solutions,” says Stephan Corti, chief commercial officer for Pelican Products. “This inspired our engineering team to build a reliable quick-release system so users can switch out their kit according to their next mission or adventure.”

Converting the lid into storage increases the available space inside the case, and allows for customization of the contents to fit today’s needs today and switch for tomorrow.  Users can quickly change out the contents of the panel thanks to the easy access to the back of the grid. With multiple units, remodelers can swap a panel out from a case and lock in a new one into place. Though it’s easy to switch panels, the panel’s screw-in mounting points help ensure security.

The new panels are available for the five Pelican-brand case models and retail from around $40 to $60 depending on the chosen model. Cases sizes range in size. 

Professionals can also purchase MOLLE-style organizing pouches that easily integrate with the panel system. 

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