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Innovative Products: Noon Home Smart Switch

A smart switch you’ll remember for its firsts

July 10, 2018
Noon home offers a modular smart switch

Noon Home’s newly released, modular smart switch brings a number of firsts to the product type. 

One first is bulb detection. The system can identify virtually any residential bulb.

“It’s one of our patented techs,” says Sean Paterson, Noon Home’s head of sales. “It identifies the fixture and the bulb, discerning between dimmable and non-dimmable. For those that are dimmable, the system automatically downloads and applies the right dim curve.” 

The curves—downloaded when connected to Wi-Fi but stored locally—control voltage to account both for light output and how the human eye percieves light, so the dimming effect is smoother.

Another first is Noon’s switch doesn’t rely on its own hub or control panel, and instead interfaces with most existing systems, including Amazon Alexa and Google Home—which adds the benefit of making the system voice controlled.

But the switch’s most eye-catching first is that it’s modular. It’s set in a docking bay called the dimming base, from which it’s easily removed and put into another. “It makes it a lot easier to upgrade hardware,” Paterson says.

He adds that while the system is for light switches, Noon is thinking up all kinds of ways to use the docking bay to its future advantage. 

“The light switch is the perfect place to put smart tech. It already has power
going to it, and they’re all over the home,” he says. “We’re definitely looking to provide a wider array of switches: wireless cameras, air-quality sensors—there are a lot of possibilities.” 

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