Innovative Products: LaCantina Pivot Door System

LaCantina joins the growing number of manufacturers offering pivot doors

April 03, 2017

LaCantina’s new pivot door was on display at the International Builders’ Show in January. The product will be available this summer.

Pivot doors are powerful architectural statements with a large, clean profile that slices through space like moving artwork. Perfect for modern home styles, these doors have gained in popularity over the last few years. 

Made with pins on the top and bottom of the frame rather than traditional side hinges, which distribute the weight differently, pivot doors pave the way for larger openings. LaCantina’s Pivot Door System was unveiled at the 2017 International Builders’ Show but won’t have a formal launch until this summer. Every LaCantina door has the same size stile and rail (2 15/16 inch), which adds visual cohesion to a home when installing multiple doors. The narrow profile also allows for more glass and gives the door a cool, contemporary look. The doors will be available in Aluminum, Aluminum Thermally Controlled, Aluminum Wood, and Contemporary Clad. Colors will vary by material type, with a range of custom options offered as well. LaCantina doors are made in California.

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