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Innovative Products: Kolbe Windows & Doors

The Forgent series is made out of a proprietary material—a sort of glass and pvc hybrid—that makes it stronger and more resilient 

March 08, 2018

The idea of a window with a “ladder design” doesn’t immediately bring an image to mind, but once you see it, the concept makes perfect sense. 

Released last year, Kolbe’s Forgent Series is made out of a material called Glastra, an extruded blend of PVC and glass that is formed into chambers designed to make the window stronger. It’s early days yet, and we couldn’t find any reviews of the Forgent Series online, but they are a reasonably priced alternative to fiberglass or vinyl, and come with Glastra on the exterior and either wood or Glastra on the interior. 

“Kolbe wanted to find a material that was different than everyone else’s,” says Technical Manager, Nathan Bonikowske. “And we did it. The price-point is the same as a fiberglass window, but a typical fiberglass needs mechanical fasteners for assembly. Glastra, on the other hand, can be welded.” 

The window’s welded sash and frame are designed for rigidity, keeping units square and preventing air and water from entering the joint.

The Forgent Series also includes sliding and swinging patio doors. 

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