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Innovative Products: Kohler ContinuousClean

A hands-free, worry-free system for keeping toilet bowls cleaner

November 02, 2018
kohler continousclean is a favorite among remodelers

Cleaning the toilet rarely tops anyone’s list of favorite chores. Kohler noticed this and responded with the creation of ContinuousClean technology, a system housed directly in the toilet tank that automatically dispenses a consistent amount of toilet bowl cleaner with each flush.

A three-step process keeps it simple for homeowners: Insert two puck-style toilet bowl cleaning tablets (any brand of choice), set the dial to the desired dispensing level, and monitor the blue LED indicator light on the back of the tank to ensure the system is working. (The light will change to red when it’s time to add new cleaning tablets.)

Homeowners often don’t realize that misusing cleaning products (even if they don’t mean to misuse them) voids the toilet warranty, according to Kohler how-to expert and Master Plumber Ed Del Grande. 

“Over-adding cleaning materials is never a good situation, and ContinuousClean eliminates that issue,” says Del Grande. “It’ll be perfect every time, and since it’s installed on the toilet right in the factory, that toilet will stay under warranty because you’re using the product correctly.” The design of the system also houses the tablets in a reservoir separate from other toilet components to ensure that toilet performance is not affected.

“The best benefit to tell clients is toilet protection,” says Del Grande. “They won’t be adding too many chemicals to the toilet at once, and they won’t have to think about it.”

ContinuousClean operates on two AAA batteries, so no access to outlets is necessary. It is available on Kohler’s Corbelle toilets, with a list price of $548.

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