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Innovative Products: JH Wall Paints

A handmade, eco-friendly wash that patinas over time

February 08, 2021
exterior lime wash

Love the look of old European limestone buildings? JH Wall Paints has released a toxin-free, handmade lime wash that can add character to both interior and exterior remodels—cobblestones not included. Lime washes aren’t new, but what sets JH Wall Paints apart from the others is its natural, zero-VOC formula.Lime Wash

“Many other lime paints and washes use acrylic primer, then add lime paint, and seal it with an acrylic sealer, defeating the organic healthy nature of the paint and mineral finish,” says Michele Harnish, co-owner of JH Wall Paints.

JH uses natural earth powder pigments that result in a matte finish that is fade, peel, and crack resistant. Each batch is made and measured by hand, and the paint can be diluted to achieve the desired look. Overtime, the Lime Wall Paint will develop a soft patina.

In interior projects, the company says the paint can help purify the air by absorbing and removing odors and carbon dioxide during the curing process. The paint resists mold and bacteria. Remodelers can use all colors indoors and outdoors. When applying Lime Wall Paint outdoors, the company says to paint in temperatures above 40 degrees. For exterior projects, porous surfaces such as unsealed, unpainted brick, stucco, and stone or slate are ideal. Lime Wall Paint can last for over 10 years without a refresh. There are 65 colors available, and the gallon coverage rate is approximately 400 square feet. JH Paints offers free color matching for most national brands.

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