Innovative Products: Hardy Frame CFS Moment Frame

The industry’s first cold-formed steel prefabricated moment frame

January 21, 2019

In a move to replace structural steel alternatives, MiTek’s Hardy Frame brand released the CFS Moment Frame, a stackable system designed for lateral force resistance. 

“In remodeling, a moment frame is used to enlarge an an opening to take advantage of a view or to create more space between rooms,” says David Lopp, vice president of Hardy Frame Technical & Customer Services. “We took the science behind Hardy Frame HFX shear wall panels and applied it [here] to provide large openings without diminished shear values.”

The use of CFS in place of traditional structural steel lightens the product’s weight, making for easier shipping, handling, and installation. The two-bolt assembly used to connect panels to beams also simplifies the process: Framers and contractors can do it themselves, with no field welding required. 

Moment frames are typically customized to each jobsite, but MiTek’s version creates  a standardized option, improving efficiency during both design and construction. The narrow panels-—pre-engineered for 12-, 15-, 18-, and 21-inch widths—feature a C-shape, allowing for recessed electrical fixtures and the installation of wood backing or batt insulation and subsequently making them trade friendly for electricians and finish carpenters.

MiTek also released the Hardy Frame CFS Picture Frame. This product is effective for multi-story structures, thanks to beams at both top and bottom. The lower beam can sit directly on wood floor systems; this distributes compression evenly across more wall length below windows, creating the option for larger yet still structurally sound openings.

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Hi - can your CFS frames bring used to build a space frame style foundation on a sloped lot? I’ve seen others doing this - like blue sky building systems but if yours could be used for this application I’m certain they’d be more cost effective...

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