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Innovative Products: Duration Shingle in Aged Copper

A shingle that exudes warmth  by Owens Corning

December 08, 2020
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The pandemic has underscored the importance of home. In light of this, Owens Corning chose its TruDefinition Duration shingle in aged copper as its 2021 Shingle Color of the Year. By blending granules in orange, sage, and brown, the company designed the shingle to combine minimalist shades and stronger hues to achieve a warm, balanced look. 

We were inspired to draw on the calming influences of nature to evoke a sense of natural beauty and serenity

“2020 has forced us to find sanctuary in our homes, but it has also allowed us to rediscover the wonder and beauty of nature, because it’s a safe space,” says Sue Burkett, strategic marketing manager at Owens Corning. “As we look toward 2021, we see homeowners creating spaces that serve as a retreat from the cares of the world.”

Copper isn’t just a shade in this shingle. Real copper granules are mixed into the shingles to provide algae resistance for 10 years so homeowners can avoid their roof turning green—and not in a beautiful patina kind of way. 

“We were inspired to draw on the calming influences of nature to evoke a sense of natural beauty and serenity. This serene inspiration can find its way on to the roof as an ideal element for tying together an exterior color palette integrating a soothing spectrum of nature-inspired colors.” 

Still, no matter how beautiful a shingle, is it doesn’t do homeowners any good on the ground. The company certifies the Duration shingles to withstand up to 130 mph winds. This is aided by its reinforced nail zone design that is a 200% wider common bond area compared to standard shingles. 

The shingle provides up to 2.5 times better nail pull-through resistance, up to nine times better blow-through resistance, and up to two times better delamination resistance compared to competitive products, according to company officials. 

There are 64 shingles in three bundles per square, and each square covers 98.4 sq ft. 

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