Innovative Products: DuPont FlexWrap EZ

A new take on an old favorite 

January 18, 2019

DuPont’s FlexWrap EZ flashing tape hit the market in May 2018, and we saw it at the Remodeling Show in October.

A new member of the manufacturer’s Flashing Systems line, FlexWrap EZ is a tape designed to work well all over the house, but particularly well for smaller penetrations. “EZ was released because our customers asked for it,” a DuPont representative told us at the show. “It’s 2¾-inch wide and 15-feet long, and great for the smaller exterior openings: HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and so on.” 

The tape shares several advantages with the brand’s existing wrap, including 270 days of UV exposure and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures. “The big advantage is in versatility,” the rep explained. “It works well around bigger openings, but has a unique advantage on small stuff like a hose bib or electrical box. With smaller tape you can reduce the opportunity for air leakage.” Contractors, the rep said, used to modify tape themselves to get that advantage. “No need anymore.” 

In terms of product per purchase, DuPont claims that a single roll is enough for an entire “average-sized” home. 

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