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Innovative Products: Deckorators Fastendry

This extrusion does double duty as both a hidden fastener and a deck drainage system

December 08, 2017

Keeping the area beneath a deck dry usually involves a separate process to attach drainage material between or under deck joists either before or after the deck boards are installed. But the newest alternative we’ve seen is Fastendry from Deckorators, which manufactures composite decking with slotted edges to accommodate its proprietary Stowaway Hidden Fastener system. 

The Fastendry extrusion is engineered to fit snugly into these slots and has an integral flange that can be pneumatically nailed to serve as a hidden fastening system. The result is a dry-deck system that’s an integral part of deck board installation. Drip kerfs field cut into the ends of all deck boards keep water from wicking back into the slots, but the deck perimeter can be left as-is or picture-framed using square-edge deck material.

Butt joints can’t be fitted with the extrusion, so to avoid leaks, deck dimensions should be coordinated with the standard 12-, 16-, or 20-foot lengths of both the Fastendry extrusion and any of Deckorators’ five composite decking products. Larger decks can be divided into smaller sections that can drain into hidden gutters built into the framing.

The black Fastendry extrusion sits about 3/16 inch below the decking surface, so seen from above it looks like a regular deck. Seen from below, the nailing flange creates an evenly spaced pattern of black stripes running perpendicular to the joists. Unlike some undermounted systems that can allow leaves and debris to collect under the decking, Fastendry completely prevents anything from getting through the spaces between deck boards.

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Do you know if you can use Fastendry On other Decking products besides Deckorators. I want to use it with my fortress infinity Composte decking. The Fortress Decking I’m going to be using is Kona sunset. It is distressed Hardwood on one side and exotic hardwood on the other. Thank you for your time

No, Fastendry requires Deckorators boards that have the exact spacing and grooves to keep a water-tight seal. With Dexerdry they experimented with fitting it with Timbertech but then pulled the product with that spec because it was not working properly.

Ann Marie,
Thank you for your interest in Deckorators Fastendry. Fastendry is an exclusive system for Deckorators composite decking. It is warranted only when installed with Deckorators decking, and according to installation instructions. For a compatible distressed decking, Deckorators Heritage decking can be used. For more information, visit www.deckorators.com. Again, we thank you for your interest.
-- Deckorators team

Are there any specific requirments on Fastendry for a deck 16ft x 18ft other than the written instructions on your website. Ill be using 2x10 joist. Since this is a new product my local supplier does not know of any finished project I can go view.
Does Fastendry dry work with both your composite deck board and the Vault series. The groove in the Vault appears to be different than the composite deck board

Thank you for your interest, Julie!

The installation instructions available at Deckorators.com/Fastendry detail the requirements for Fastendry installation. There are also seven installation videos available to review before building the deck structure and installing Fastendry with Deckorators decking. A few key requirements for a dry zone are: routing a drip edge, cutting back the Fastendry base plate to allow for the drip edge, pitching the joist structure away from the house, cleaning the grooves of Fastendry and decking, and using surface-mounted posts in lieu of 4x4 wooden posts. The most important step of Fastendry is using the beater board, chisel and rubber mallet to ensure a water-tight seal within each deck board groove. All of these steps are outlined in our installation videos and written instructions. We recommend using a Deckorators Certified Pro for Fastendry installations.

And, yes, Fastendry works with our wood plastic composite and Eovations technology decking.

Thanks again! -- The Deckorators team

Is there anywhere Fastendry can be purchased online? The local supplier has discontinued providing it because the warranty may not ve valid due to improper installation methods. I am from the Seattle area.

Deckorators is no longer distributing Fastendry. We do distribute Dexerdry as our deck water management solution. For more information on Dexerdry, please visit https://www.deckorators.com/en/Products/Decking/Dexerdry.aspx. Thanks for your interest! -- The Deckorators team

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