Innovative Products: DAP Tank Bond: Thread Stopper and Liquid Grip

End the headache of loose fasteners and stripped screws

February 04, 2020
liquid grip is part of DAP's tank bond line

Any remodeler worth their salt has probably dealt with too many stripped screws and loose fasteners to count. Ending those headaches is the aim of DAP’s latest line of adhesives, Tank Bond—named for the fact that it was developed from “military-grade adhesive technology,” according to the company. With its Thread Stopper and Liquid Grip, DAP’s latest line promises to keep screws and fasteners secure and their drives deep and defined.

Once the gel dries, the fasteners' ability to absorb shock and vibrations will keep it from unintentionally backing out of wood, metal, and plastic. 

Thread Stopper is a gel-like coating that applies to a threaded screw and absorbs shock and vibration, so as to keep the screw secure. It’s not the first adhesive of its kind to promise such absorption, but it is the first to hold to the threads in such a way that the screw is reusable with the same result as if the gel were just applied. “The coating prevents ... loosening with the friction coating it forms, not by bonding the screw and nut together,” says Kate Piche, group product director at DAP. “So you’ll be able to remove and reinstall a screw treated with Thread Stopper over and over before the friction coating wears away.” DAP guarantees adhesive potency for up to five reuses. “Once it has worn down, you simply apply more.” 

The adhesive increases grip strength by up to a magnitude of seven. 

Liquid Grip is exactly what it sounds like: an agent you apply to the drive of a screw to give your tool maximum grip. “It’s meant to be used while wet to provide easy, instant grip between a screw and bit, then wipe away easily,” Piche says. Liquid Grip won’t leave a coating on your tools if left on, “but it can leave a grit residue.” Piche recommends applying the adhesive directly to bits, as it will work for “the next several screws.” 

DAP’s Tank Bond line also includes Threadlockers (permanent and removable) and Heavy Duty Advanced Epoxy. 

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