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Innovative Products: COFFEEBOXX

The most heavy-duty coffee maker available 

December 07, 2018

Coffee is the great equalizer–just as likely to be found in a executive lounge as a remodeler’s jobsite. The difference, though, is that in the lounge the coffee maker is in little danger of being smashed or totally infiltrated by dust. The COFFEEBOXX by Oxx solves that problem. 

“This thing can handle a more than 1000-pound load, and it makes a cup of coffee in under two minutes,” a company rep told us at the Remodeling Show where we saw the product. He added, “It’s the only IP54-rated coffee maker available,” meaning it can withstand water spray and limited dust ingress.

The polymer shell and chassis—which can resist up to 1,500 pounds and is considered “crush proof” by Oxx—envelopes not only the electrical bits, but also an 85-ounce, spill-proof water tank, the dispenser (one for coffee and another for hot water), and the drip tray. “It’s like a super tough Keurig,” said the rep, adding that the machine is fully K-Cup compatible.  

Where you really see input from remodelers and other craftsmen in the field, though, is in the little details that make the machine so suited to jobsites. For one, there’s a big, sturdy handle, and the power cord is retractable, so storage or frequent moving from area to area is made easier. There are also six steel tie-downs on the machine, which allow for stability even in the most precarious of placements. “Jobsites are dangerous and there’s not always a convenient surface for a coffee maker,” says the rep. “With the tie-downs you can basically strap it to something.” 

Oxx includes a one-year, full-service warranty with every purchase.

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