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Innovative Products: Clearion Fireplace

The first truly see-through electric fireplace heats separate rooms at different rates

February 08, 2018

Recently, Napoleon commissioned a study that looked at what consumers want out of various parts of their homes. The data showed that there’s a sweet spot in homeowner’s desires between functionality, socialization and comfort. 

Napoleon’s Clearion fireplace aims to answer all three needs in a new format. 

“This is the first truly see-through electric fireplace,” says Kim Hammill, director of electric fireplaces at Napoleon. What’s been out there with electric in the past is two-sided, where they take two fireboxes, weld them together and put them in a wall so you have a fireplace on one side and a fireplace on the other, but you could never see through them.”

Created with patented technology, the Clearion’s viewing space is just under 44 inches wide and a foot high. The unit has the ability to heat separate rooms at different rates, and can warm an area of up 800 sf. Options include three flame colors and five speeds. 

“Electric fireplaces are really smoke and mirrors,” Hammill says. “It’s a flame pattern with reflecting LED lights. It’s magic.” 

The Clearion works especially well in transition spaces, for example, between a kitchen and dining room, or bedroom and bathroom. Although the product was just released in December, Hammill says that builders are already spec’ing it for future jobs. 

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