Innovative Products: Carta by Plott

Plott promises its measuring wheel will eliminate cost and increase efficiency

July 07, 2020

A new, real-time measuring tool called Carta from Plott, the creators of the design-to-augented reality LetsPlott platform and app, promises increased efficiency in a time when businesses need things to be made easier and to happen quicker. 

A 12-inch digital measuring wheel with a mobile phone mount and the ability to track and transmit accurate distance in real-time, Carta is a solution to the lengthy, expensive problem of measuring large spaces. 

"Before we created Carta, measuring large areas would be costly and ineffective due to the extended period of time needed, hiring of multiple professionals, and stilll, there is an inherent risk of incorrect measurements that ultimately left you with a bunch of calculations and no visible context," said Plott Founder David Xing in a statement. Working with remodelers and construction professionals in the field, Plott ultimately developed a tool that "makes measuring and calculating spaces easier, interactive and more intuitive, ultimately saving users time, eliminating complex math and ensuring wasted materials on a job are a thing of the past."

It achieves that by relaying measurement data as it's collected to the LetsPlott app, where a remodeler can use photos or satellite images to give measurements context while also sharing the data with team members. For additional clarity, the user can leave text or video notes embedded in the measurements. The app itself is has the added capability of estimating material costs, like how much cement will cost for a particular-sized driveway. 

Remodelers can find Carta for $199 at Home Depot, True Value, and Do It Best




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