Innovative Products: Bestbath SpringClip Corner

A corner-fastening system that helps ensure tight joints even with out-of-plumb walls

March 30, 2017

If you’ve ever installed a multipiece shower surround, you know how tricky it can be to get the panels properly aligned and fastened, especially when the walls are out of plumb. Bestbath solved the problem for its line of shower pans and tub/shower surrounds with its unique SnapJoint and SpringClip corner fastening systems. Both take advantage of another Bestbath innovation: plywood backing behind the entire wall panel surface that is strong enough to support grab bars and other accessories without having to locate wall studs. 

According to Bestbath design engineer Peter van Ravenhorst, SnapJoints were developed to replace the company’s original pin-alignment system. They use spring-steel clips that lock into stepped-retainers, enabling tight corner joints even with out-of-plumb walls. SnapJoints are standard in all Bestbath radius-corner surrounds.


Bestbath SpringClip


A more recent design called SpringClips grew out of two developments. The first arose when the company started building “UniFloors”—custom panelized bathrooms with a central floor drain. To streamline manufacturing, the company used 12-foot-long wall-panel molds, then cut panels to length as needed. But that left a cut edge that wouldn’t work with the SnapJoint system.

SpringClip wall joint section detailThe other development was a new wall-panel design that simulated the look of subway tile. The cut edge from the UniFloor wall-panel molds achieves a clean 90-degree corner, but again, it wouldn’t work with SnapJoints, which need the extra space that a radius-corner provides. 

In both cases, SpringClip was the answer. Like the SnapJoint, it also uses spring-steel clips, but they are mounted in the back-wall panel. When a square-edge side-wall panel slides into the corner, tension on the spring clip holds the panel in place until the Locktite Power Grab adhesive provided with the unit cures. The design allows for enough play to correct for an out-of-plumb wall.

SpringClips are used on all Bestbath square-corner units, including the new Barrier-Free 60-by-60-inch Universal Design Shower. Configured as either a two- or three-wall surround, the unit has a 1-inch curb with an optional beveled threshold and is available in five standard colors or custom solid surface and accent colors. Most Bestbath products can also be customized to fit nonstandard dimensions.

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