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Florida Home Improvement Associates chooses Texas remodeler Statewide Remodeling to start its national expansion

dollar sign floating over roofs to indicate increased home improvement spending


Company owners cite pent-up demand, and with it a growing need for skilled installers, as the reason 

Housing Market Recovers by 75 Percent, Trulia Finds

But making it the rest of the way back will depend on millenial employment, loosening credit rules, and increased saving

Harvard Joint Center study shows growing concern among homeowners about invisible pollutants

Traditional white kitchen


For the most part, remodelers find that clients want traditional remodels and conventional products

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Housing market analysts are optimistic for 2015 home sales. 

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The NAR has put together an infographic to visualize existing home sales data. 

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Total completed home transactions are at their highest annual rate (5.26 million) since September 2013.

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Home improvement spending hit an unexpected slump for 2014.  


Rising student debt has cost the housing market $83 billion in potential house sales according to USA Today.

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Home prices in seven of out 100 U.S. cities are overvalued by more than 10 percent, the highest percentage since the end of the housing bubble crisis.

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Creating a user-friendly mobile website should be every remodeler’s priority. Mobile traffic is rapidly rising and now is the time to optimize a mobile website for your business.  

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Most Americans buy homes in detached single-family homes in the suburbs – not built with universal design and not the best scenario for aging in place.

Research: Sustaining Lead Generation

Seventy-one percent of respondents to the 2014 Professional Remodeler Business Leads Survey reported their lead generation increased for the first half of 2014 when compared with all of 2013.

Research shows leads have increased year-over-year as methods remain tried-and-true.

Remodeling Business Pulse Shows Jump in Current Conditions

According to NARI's Remodeling Business Pulse, sales value of jobs sold bounced back up, to 6.20 (from 5.84 last quarter).

NARI reports strong directional increase from March.

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