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How to Increase Job Size with Financing

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Lead Gen — Home Improvement

How to Increase Job Size with Financing

Outback Deck Senior Partners Bryan Miller & John Gwaltney discuss how contractors can implement financing programs into their sales processes that drive revenue by increasing average job size

January 25, 2023
Senior partners of Outback Deck, Inc.


If you manage a sales team for a home improvement company that sells big-ticket items, this episode of Rock Stars of Remodeling was recorded just for you!

Bryan Miller & John Gwaltney, Senior Partners at Georgia-based Outback Deck, Inc., made a commitment to using a finance-first approach when presenting pricing in homes. Since implementing this strategy, 35% of their projects have been financed, and their average job size has increased by 23%.

On this episode of Rock Stars of Remodeling, Miller & Gwaltney joined Pro Remodeler's director of home improvement Drew Barto to detail what it takes to implement a robust financing program into your sales process and how to get buy-in from a sales team that may be hesitant to alter their approach.

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