How to Enhance a Remodel's Design, Layout with Feng Shui

Joanna Lily Wong shares her tips on how to balance a room's layout to bring calmness in a space with Feng shui principles.

April 20, 2021
primary bathroom with large mirror in remodel

Courtesy Ennate

Can Feng shui principles enhance a remodel's overall look and feel? Joanna Lily Wong, founder and principal of Ennate Design and Development, regularly employs Feng shui in her multimillion-dollar designs to enhance the home's livability. Here, she shares her tips and tricks for incorporating Feng shui in a remodel. 

Ways Remodelers Can Incorporate Feng shui in Home Design

1. Be careful how you choose to layout hallways, living areas, and windows. 

2. Specify dark colors on the bottom and lighter colors for the middle and top layers of a room.

3. Don't just design for aesthetics. Instead, design for how the room will be lived in by the homeowners. An all-white bedroom may look nice, but it might not create the desired calmness a bedroom requires. 

Watch the video to learn more about Feng shui and designing with its principles in mind. Want more tips? Read Wong's column here. 

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