How Do You Deal with Change?

Adapting to change will help those in the remodeling industry to prosper in 2008.

December 31, 2007


Michael R. Morris

Editor in Chief

Human beings are creatures of habit. We all have everyday routines that help us manage our personal and professional lives, and when we are forced outside of these comfort zones, life can become a real challenge.

One of the true tests of human character is how we react to change. Some of us are very good at it. Others, not so much. Eight years ago, the publishing company I worked for hired a publisher who reacted to change as if he were changing his socks. Sales were down, departments were restructured, people lost jobs and this guy just rolled with the changes, one after another.

Just about that time, a book came out, "Who Moved My Cheese: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life," by Dr. Spencer Johnson. Everyone in our company received a copy of the book and was told to read it. If you've never read it, its simple message that change is inevitable and that those who can anticipate and adapt will prosper is a valuable lesson for all of us.

As we head into 2008, it's a good time to revisit this message. There's no doubt that change is afoot in the remodeling industry, and those who anticipate it and adapt will prosper. Those who are too comfortable in their routine and afraid of the unknown will not.

This issue, our first of the new year, is dedicated to both of these groups. Our cover story, "The Leading Edge," unveils our 2008 Innovators. These remodelers are shaping the future of the industry and are great examples of people who embrace change as an opportunity.

Remodelers' Exchange features an enlightening discussion on how to sell in a down market from two owners whose companies have been affected. You can hear a Podcast of the entire discussion on, as you will be able to with all Remodelers' Exchange articles from now on. A third feature on the topic of change is the "Top 5 Challenges for 2008" which offers you ideas on how to approach the challenges affecting most remodeling firms right now.

If you look closely, you'll notice that we've taken this subject of change to heart. We've added columnists on business strategy (read Paul Winans), sales and marketing (coming in February, by Allison Iantosca Perry), and customer satisfaction (coming in April, by Dave Bryan), on a rotating basis. We've also added a new monthly department, The Green Room, to keep you up to speed on all that is new in the world of green. And, by popular demand, The Corner Office debuts as a monthly feature.

I wish you all a prosperous 2008. Change is all around. Embrace it.

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