Homeowner Not Paying? 3 Options for Next Steps From a Lawyer

A construction lawyer outlines three options for settling a dispute over a non-paying client.

May 11, 2022
how to collect payment from customer

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The first step toward ensuring clients pay on time is setting up a collection system. But what happens if they still don't pay up? There are three common dispute resolutions to consider for next steps.

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Construction lawyer Thomas Croessmann, managing partner of Croessmann & Westberg, explains the three possible choices to get that payment: mediation, arbitration, and ligitation. Each differ on approach, but can provide the same result. Croessmann outlines the basics of each, along with pros and cons to help you decide.

Watch to see which option fits your situation best:



About the Author

About the Author

Thomas Croessmann is the managing partner of Croessmann & Westberg, P.C., a construction law firm that focuses on representing residential and commercial contractors with all aspects of their business. Thomas Croessmann can be reached at twc@cwattorney.com or by phone at (703) 483-3550.

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