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The Home Depot Downsizes Exterior Installation Services

Perhaps more a statement on the industry than Home Depot

March 21, 2019
home depot ending several exterior replacement services

While Home Depot is reducing its exterior replacement offerings, it will be retaining the majority of its service options

Home Depot is eliminating roofing, siding, insulation, and gutters from its installation service categories. 

“We’re only exiting these four programs,” said Home Depot spokesperson Stephen Holmes in a prepared statement. Eleven installation categories remain in the company’s offerings, including an “exterior home” category, which now covers fence, pergola, deck, solar panel, generator, and solar water and pool heater installation. 

“Going forward, we will focus our efforts on installation categories that enable us to deliver the best customer experience, while simplifying processes and business structure,” Holmes stated. 

But roofer Sam Fullerton thinks he understands what the company’s saying. “I’m not surprised,” says Fullerton, who owns Summit Roofing in Washington, D.C., and has previously worked as a Home Depot installer. “I think they’re finding these exterior services are more challenging than they expected. In my experience, their pricing was a bit higher than average, and organizing exterior replacement contractors on a scale like theirs is akin to herding cats.” Fullerton says when he did work with Home Depot, the jobs were often last minute, which meant they would take them only if their schedule was free. “We would take the jobs if we could. But what do you do if you’re Home Depot and a contractor drops out last minute?” He says that those problems happen all the time, especially in roofing. “I think Home Depot knew it wasn’t sustainable long-term.” 

The action resulted in layoffs, with Home Depot placing the number of jobs lost at “fewer than 1,000.” Unconfirmed reports—based on an online discussion between laid-off Home Depot workers discovered on message board site TheLayoff—indicate that the downsizing is primarily happening in California, Florida, Georgia, New England, and Wisconsin.

Home Depot did not reply to requests for comments beyond its initial statement for this story.

About the Author

About the Author

James McClister is managing editor for Professional Remodeler.



I just asked them for a quote, compared to others they're slow to respond. This may be why

Wish that would get out of floor coverings... We have to constantly combat the 'FREE INSTALL' senario... This is something that is very deceiving to the public... Nothing is FREE, not even lunches...

And consumers and the industry is better off for them leaving the sphere.

I actually used Home Depot for a roof install on an A-frame cabin outside of Flagstaff, AZ. I can say that I was very pleased with my experience. They came out promptly, the bid was less than the two other roofers (out of four other roofers I called but did not bother to even show up for their appointments!), work was done as scheduled and to my satisfaction. My rationale was that I would be able to count on HD to stand behind the warranty and any labor issues as opposed to the here-today-gone-tomorrow contractors that work the region. I am sure in some parts of the country their services will be missed.

A salesman convinced us in 2017 to redo our roof, two exterior doors, radiant barrier and eves siding. It took them almost two years to finish their commitment. They eve promised a $500 Home Depot gift card for waiting so long. They also did a bad job on the door replacement two times forcing us to hire our own contractor to fix their mess. The have not kept their promise on the $500 gift card and will not talk to us about the bad job. Not a happy customer. WIll they owner the "life time" warranties"?

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