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Home Depot Delivers for Pro Customers

The big box is beefing up its Pro division

March 13, 2017
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Photo: / John Phelan (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Extended from just a few pilot markets, The Home Depot is now working to improve its delivery options for pros. The big box’s new capability allows pros to choose between a 2-hour and 4-hour delivery window, and the rollout is being continuously tested; a store can’t offer a 2-hour delivery window until it consistently hits the 4-hour window. 

To expand its Pro division, Home Depot acquired maintenance, repair, and operations products seller Interline Brands in August 2015. Now the company has announced two major integration updates coming in 2017. Interline products (some 200,000) and house accounts will be brought in-store—customers will be able to buy Interline products in every store by March, and to use their Interline accounts to buy products in-store by the end of Q1. 

Home Depot also launched Fuel Discounts, a 60 Days to Pay program, and 365-day returns. And the retailer is gearing up to compete with the likes of Angie’s List with its Pro Referral program, which allows pros to pay for sales leads by redeeming credits from in-store purchases. 


Well this may be true from the outside, from the inside they continue to treat their specialist sales people poorly. Having to meet increasing sales goals and enormous credit card numbers, while only getting credit in a few specifc lines and not given credit in the areas they are responsible for...often much of their sales work goes unrecognized. While working many evenings and weekends, in a noisy stressful enviroment, having to cover other departments, help in all departments, answer hundreds of questions a day all while keeping their sales up, followup and then dealing with less than helpful management supervisors etc. It can be a demoralizing enviroment to say the least. Not a place I would go to for "PRO HELP" . They may try to fool some of the people some of the time but they cannot fool all of the people all of the time. Contractors will pick up on this fast. The pressure is on and they are having a HUGE problem keeping good hardworking smart employees. They are working with the bottom of the barrel.

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