Hilti 12V Cordless Combo Kit

These three tools offer good ergonomics and survivability in tough environments

January 30, 2017
Hilti 12v Cordless Combo Kit

Photo: ProToolReviews.com

Hilti SID 2-A Impact Driver

Hilti SFD 2-A Drill/ Driver

Hilti SF 2H-A Hammer Drill

If asked to put three cordless tools in a fastening kit, most pros would go with a hammer drill and an impact driver to provide one tool for drilling and a second for driving fasteners without having to switch bits. But the third tool is up for grabs. Some people would say that an impact wrench is the logical choice to complete a full fastening kit, but Hilti went with a ¼-inch hex-drive screwdriver instead. That’s a curious choice, but there are times when an impact driver is more than you need and a drill with a clutch is a better option. Essentially, this Hilti kit gives us a dedicated drilling tool for wood, metal, and concrete, with two driving options—one for aggressive tasks and one for precision.

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Kenny Koehler is managing editor at ProToolReviews.com, the site from which this article was adapted.

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