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George Kocher, 32

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George Kocher, 32

A marketing guru sees his chance in epoxy and runs full-speed ahead.

April 5, 2021
George Kocher

Co-FounderGeorge Kocher

Infinity Epoxy Floors / New York

2020 Revenue: $1.5 Million 

Private Equity, Family, and Epoxy:

My father Rich runs Kocher Construction, which works primarily in Jersey City and Hoboken, N.J., where I was born, so I’ve always been drawn to construction and development. My first marketing job was with a private equity firm that invested in growing companies. Mixing marketing and construction together helped me understand what businesses need and customers want. I always thought the epoxy business was an underserved sector that I could bring some sophistication to.

I always thought the epoxy business was an underserved sector that I could bring some sophistication to.

Six years ago, the first client for my marketing firm Brand North was a large epoxy manufacturer, which referred me to its customers. It was no time before I was working with 40 different contractors nationwide. But I also wanted to work locally to support the local economy, which prompted me to start Infinity Epoxy Floors nine months ago. This decision had been a long-time coming, and it’s been a big learning curve on the operations side. We’re already working on some big projects, like a 45,000-square-foot floor for a Fortune 500 company’s industrial warehouse on Long Island.

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