Five Changes Remodelers Need to Make But Won't

Remodeling industry trainer and educator Shawn McCadden lists five common practices that he believes are holding back remodelers from becoming more professional

February 03, 2016
Old Way, New Way on a sign

In a recent blog post, McCadden, a successful remodeler-turned-business coach, writes, "Remodelers forever complain about what they perceive the government and even consumers do to them to make running a business and earning a profit difficult. However, in many ways remodelers are their own worst enemies, creating problems for themselves and the industry by both their actions as well as their lack of action." 


McCadden's list is a challenge to the industry to take a look in the mirror and change the behaviors and mindsets that are obstacles to success. Of the five items of his list—which includes the need to replace free estimates with paid proposals, elevate the title of "lead carpenter," operate as true design-build companies, and understand how to price work properly—the one that will generate the most controversy is a call to stop tolerating illegally operated businesses.


McCadden includes links that further explore each of the five changes. Definitely worth a read at The Design/Builder's Blog.

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