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A first-hand experience working with our financing

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A first-hand experience working with our financing

Help your customers make updates to their home

November 10, 2021

We reached out to Melissa Pollard, Chief Strategy Officer at Clarity Windows, to see how her decade-long experience working with Wells Fargo has helped her customers afford their dream home projects—and helped Melissa grow her business.

Why did Clarity Windows choose the Wells Fargo Home Projects® credit card program?

Before getting started with Wells Fargo, Clarity Windows had worked with several other financing companies. After seeing an increase in declined credit applications and dwindling customer service, Melissa knew her business needed a more reliable financing partner.

What first drew Melissa to the Wells Fargo Projects credit card program was how much better our rates were than the competition. From there, Melissa knew that our financing was the right fit.

“One of the benefits with Wells Fargo is that we have options to fit our customers’ needs, not just the company’s. Whether it’s the longer terms, lower or no interest rates, it gives customers the ability to pick what best fits them.”

Our magnitude of financing options allows Clarity Windows to offer their customers rates that can help them move forward with their dream project.

“Teaming up with Wells Fargo [means] we can customize a finance program that best fits [the customer’s] budget.”

But it wasn’t just our financing options that made us the top choice for Clarity Windows’ financing partner—it was also the small, dedicated relationship style of our customer service team that helps make everyone feel at home with us.

“The relationship that we built with our Wells Fargo rep is great. It's an easy process for our sales guys, for our people in the office, and even for the customers. The easier the process, the better off everybody is—it's a happy marriage.”

How has our financing program helped Melissa’s company?

While working with Wells Fargo, Clarity Windows has seen an 80% increase in their overall sales and an increase in their closing percentages and ticket sizes.

And the benefits don’t stop there. Our digital solutions like Credit Connect, online applications, and remote transaction processing make going paperless simple and helps keep online transactions secure. The online application has also eased the workload of Melissa’s sales team—and it drives business to the company.

Which financing options is Clarity Windows using with Wells Fargo?

Clarity Windows’ top three plans over the past year have been 0% APR for 18 months for short-term projects, 5.99% APR per 78 months for long-term projects, and no interest if paid in full within 12 months. Melissa notes that clients prefer to not pay any more money than they have to, making our 0% APR plans that much more enticing. The long-term payment plans are popular for bigger ticket items—usually $40,000-48,000—as these customers are building their roots in their current home and often willing to expand upon their projects.

Has partnering with Wells Fargo helped increase ticket size?

According to Melissa, yes! Our high approval rates, convenient payments, and financing flexibility and customizability mean that more customers can get their whole project done in one go, rather than the two-stage process that often comes with paying via cash or credit card.

"It definitely gives our sales team an advantage in the home... It goes back to the customization: customers can actually customize their stuff and get what they want in one stage."

Is it easy to get in touch with our customer service representatives?

Melissa and her team have had a great experience with the customer service at Wells Fargo. Other financing companies promised Clarity Windows the best customer service—but after a few months, it started to decline.

After working with Wells Fargo for 10 years, Clarity Windows says our customer service has remained as dedicated and personable as we were in the beginning. We’re always here for our customers to answer questions, hear concerns, or have a good conversation. 

“We’ve built a great relationship. I know that if I have any questions on anything that I can call my rep immediately—that, for us, is huge.”

Interested in working with Wells Fargo to finance your customers’ home improvement projects?

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