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A first-hand experience with our customer service.

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A first-hand experience with our customer service.

Choose a financing provider that treats you the way you treat your customers.

May 17, 2022
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Wells Fargo’s customer support helps you deliver the best results for your customers.

Customer Testimonial:
We took a few minutes to talk with Jesse Kreisman, Vice President of ALCO Products Company, Inc., a home exterior remodeling specialist in Washington D.C., to find out how the Wells Fargo Home Projects® credit card program has delivered on the promise of great customer service for his team, and how partnering with Wells Fargo has helped grow his business.

Why did you choose the Wells Fargo Home Projects® credit card program?
ALCO Products, Inc. has worked with other customer financing providers in the past, but none of them could offer Jesse the combination of pricing, plans, and personal service that the Wells Fargo Home Projects® program brings to the table. According to Jesse, “Wells Fargo has them all beat. None come close in terms of customer service, plans, or pricing.” Jesse also appreciates how the Wells Fargo Home Projects® program helps him keep an eye on the bottom line: “They offer competitive costs for financing, and their volume rebates really help us cut costs even further.” 

The Wells Fargo Home Projects® program also gives Jesse’s team access to a suite of powerful, easy-to-use digital tools to streamline the financing process from beginning to end. Whether it’s taking an online credit application in a customer’s home1 or cutting out manual, paper-based processes at the office, Wells Fargo’s innovative technology solutions make life easier for Jesse, his team, and his customers. “The online tools2 make it extremely simple to process financing and keep track of approvals,” Jesse said. “The training is straightforward and helpful, and customer support is always there for any issues or questions.”

How has the Wells Fargo Home Projects® program helped build your business?
Being able to offer financing both in the office or at the customer’s home has given ALCO Products, Inc. a real competitive advantage with their customers, making it easy to incorporate the financing conversation into the sales process. “We offer financing to everyone on every project, no matter how big or small,” Jesse said. “We want it to be as easy as possible for our customers to do business with us.” 

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Part of that ease of doing business comes from Wells Fargo’s simple online credit applications, quick decisions, consistent approvals, and strong credit limits. According to Jesse, “credit decisions are nearly instantaneous and do not delay the sales process. Plus, we’ve seen extremely high approval rates, and our customers are getting the amounts they need.”

How does Wells Fargo’s customer service stack up against the competition?
Jesse had nothing but good things to say about the support he receives from his dedicated Wells Fargo relationship representative. “With our previous financing company, we didn’t have a dedicated account representative — or if we did, we never heard from them,” he said. But with Wells Fargo, support is just a call or click away: “Any time we have a question — whether it’s here in the office or out in the field — we’re always able to reach our Wells Fargo representative.” 

It’s that personal support from a proven partner with over 55 years of experience that makes the difference for ALCO Products, Inc. — and it can make the difference for your business too. “As our business grows,” Jesse continued, “I want to partner with people that support us. You take care of your customers the way that we want to take care of ours.”

Interested in putting the proven experience and dedicated support of the Wells Fargo team in your corner?

Contact us:
Wells Fargo Retail Services

1. Paper applications and invoices must continue to be available for those customers who do not agree to receive the terms and conditions electronically.
2. This process requires an internet connection. Please ensure your device is able to connect to the internet using your own data package. This process does not include a Notice of Right to Cancel. If you conduct business outside of your normal place of business (e.g., consumer home, fair, trade show, expo, etc.), you’re still required to notify your customers of their rights.

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