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Final Walk-Through

Expanding and updating a cramped Mid-Century home was the mission for the 2018 Model ReModel

January 11, 2019

The dark and dated 1,600-square-foot house hadn't been touched since the 1980s. Today, it's a graceful, light-filled dwelling that takes advantage of the views and ocean breezes of El Segundo, a Los Angeles suburb. 

While putting the finishing touches on the project, Bill Simone, owner of Custom Design & Construction, notes that one key to the home's success comes from placing the kitchen and living area in a second floor addition. A master suite and three more bedrooms are situated on the first floor. "It's a design configuration we're seeing more and more in this community," he says. "The concept works especially well with our indoor-outdoor setting." 

Indeed, the sweeping deck overlooking the city features the same flooring material as the indoor living space, which adds to the feeling of continuity. 

A neutral color palette and timeless (yet not trendy) finishes mean any homeowner can easily customize the space to suit his or her needs. To prevent an overly generic look, the home features a series of unique tile accents that provide character and a touch of art. 

A large part of the project's success came from selecting products that reflect the best of today's construction and design. Here, we'll take a look at the materials choices themselves, and the best practices that help make them effective. 

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