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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are all of my forms linking to the same category?

Only one form can be in progress at a time. For example, say you have entered the Infill and Historic Renovation categories, and have started the Infill entry form. You saved it as a draft, then returned the next day. Both the Infill and the Historic Renovation links will link to your draft of the Infill category until it is completed. Once a form is completed, its link will disappear and the remaining forms will be available to choose from.

Why isn’t my discount showing in my cart?

Discounts will automatically be applied when you go to check out.

How do I add multiple categories to my cart?

If you would like to enter a category more than one time, click the “Add to Cart” button twice. Quantities can also be adjusted in your shopping cart. Selected categories will appear in your cart at the top of the category list, next to “View Cart”.

I can’t find the page with the links to my forms.

Click the link that reads “Log in to your account here” at

When is my submission due?

All submissions are due no later than 11:59 pm on Friday, May 24, 2019.

What is my username and password?

This is the email address and password you used to create an account during the checkout process. If you need to reset your username or password, contact Carly Pini at

Can I submit more than one entry per category?

Yes, you may submit multiple projects within any category. The same project can also be entered into multiple categories.

Why is my form skipping the 'Best Body of Work' section? 

This section is only available to those who have entered the Best Body of Work category. The form will automatically skip this section if you have not entered that category. If you have entered the Best Body of Work Category, the Project Information, Photo Release, and Project Upload sections will be automatically skipped. 

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