Elevate Your Coaching Skills With 5 Tips From the Extreme Sales Summit

Being a good coach requires empathy, deep understanding of team members

December 07, 2020
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Being a leader is more than just being a boss. Great leadership requires empathy, emotional intelligence, and sharp coaching skills. 

Here are five important steps to improving your coaching skills from the 2020 Extreme Sales Summit. Want even more sales tips and tricks? Get exclusive content by registering for Extreme Sales Summit On Demand.

Know if team members respond to extrinsic or intrinsic motivation

It’s not just one size fits all. Some sales reps are motivated by raises, while others are motivated by winning. Coaches can help team members achieve their potential by figuring out what motivates them and guiding them through goal setting, whether it’s saving for an education, retirement, family members, health concerns, or a home. One way to learn these aspects of your team is during ride alongs with sales reps. The time in the car provides a chance to talk with them about hopes, dreams, and family. 

Protect your team’s well being and celebrate their wins

Being in the right mental headspace is critical, especially with the stress of the pandemic. Coaching your team to take a few moments to prepare for a call or meeting can help them get in the right mindset to perform and connect. If they want to call you before making a really important call, encourage them. When someone proves themselves or has a personal victory, let them know you appreciate it. Keeping morale high and taking care of the team’s mental health will allow your them to maintain pace. 

Be tough when necessary...

Sales reps will respect coaches that are honest with them, which means not dancing around tough conversations. The worst thing a leader could do is ice out an employee who’s messed up–candid communication is the only way to ensure the employee understands how to improve and what you’d like to see.

… but also Coach holistically

Gaining respect from your employees isn’t only about being tough, but also taking an interest in them as humans. Gaining the trust of your team will help them feel comfortable working for you. If they share something confidential with you, make sure it stays that way so they feel empowered to come to you for support. Bringing in outside resources such as talks from financial advisors helps them increase their knowledge while also giving them skills for their personal development and goals. 

Hire for culture

Though individuals can be motivated by different factors, they must come together to be a cohesive team. Being an effective coach means surrounding yourself with players whose general goals and values align with your companies. Looking at hiring holistically will set a leader up for success before the training even begins. 

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