Easy Dome Ceiling

Today’s decorative hardware makes a significant contribution to the distinctive look of a kitchen or bathroom. And homeowners are very aware of its impact, judging from the increased interest in knobs and pulls.

August 31, 2001


Looking for a way to add architectural interest to a project without blowing the budget or causing complications? The USG Drywall Suspension System is a pre-engineered and prefabricated system for designing and building ceiling domes. The system uses custom interlocking components that eliminate the guesswork of on-site measuring, bending and cutting. It reduces installation costs by as much as 50% compared with using traditional black iron and hat channel construction methods, says the company.

"We create and ship pre-engineered suspension system components based on specific architectural designs," says Thomas Larwa, USG’s business manager. "The components are completely integrated for fast, on-site construction, so domed ceilings can be built more economically than ever before."

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