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Douglas Catts, 39

A Forty Under 40 winner reminisces about his first big challenge for his co-branded remodeling company. 

April 05, 2021
Douglas Catts


Randall-Douglas / Lewes, Del. 

2020 Revenue: $5.2 million

A Fated Partnership:Douglass Catts

Randy Burton and I launched Randall-Douglas two and a half years ago, and we knew we had something special right from the start. We did $3.8 million in revenue our first year. Our relationship, however, dated back a few years before. I was out on my own as a carpenter and working for luxury custom builders, including Randy’s business. He and I clicked and we eventually did co-branded projects, including one for a client in her 70s. She’d had a major flood and was looking for a company she was totally confident would get her reno done right.

We knew we had something special right from the start when we did $3.8 million in revenue our first year.

A renovation this size entrusted to our co-branded team was the ultimate proving ground. We gave this client a $625,000 estimate, but the project expanded to $1.2 million. And she was really involved: Every week for nine months, she came down from her other home in New York to the jobsite. She brought cookies for the crew and paid for our field guys’ lunches. Randy, who’s been in the business 32 years, believed we could prove our partnership worked on these co-branded jobs. He is my mentor, always encouraging me never to set the bar higher.

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