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Doug Cameron

Introducing the creator of Block and Caulk

March 28, 2018


ESS Design Build, Austin, Texas

2017 Revenue: $2.5 million 

Biggest Achievement: In 2015, I came up with a system for air sealing homes called Block and Caulk. It’s the same amount of labor, but when it’s done you have the tightest home and no spray foam insulation. I’m educating people on how to build a very energy-efficient home in a simple fashion that can be taught and reproduced. The use of my system is becoming more and more common, and that is me leaving my mark all over the country.

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I have a question about the use of R Sheathing versus regular ZIP Sheathing.

If I am wanting to install Hardie Reveal Panels that require 3/4" furring over a sheathing, what length of fasteners would I need for such a project or would regular ZIP Sheathing be more stable for installing Hardie Panels over? On the Reveal Panels we will be spraying a product that my business partner and I are installers of called Thermal CorkShield, a cork-based alternative to stucco.

James Hardie requires its Hardie Reveal Panels to be attached to furring that is fastened to framing as part of a rain screen. Using a product like Huber's R-Sheathing would likely not alter this specification, although the type of fastener needed would likely change depending on the thickness of the foam in the sheathing. You should consult James Hardie directly regarding specs for fastening furring to Huber's sheathing products of various thicknesses.


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