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Doing It Right: Exterior Replacement Company Uses Videos to Educate

A great example for executing a great idea 

December 12, 2019

In the lastest Exterior Medics Presents FAQs, a YouTube series created by home improvement company Exterior Medics, co-owners Joe LeVecchi and Mark Watson sit down in a one-on-one style to answer the question: How can you know if you need to replace your roof? 

It's a simple enough question for a veteran roofer to answer. LeVecchie and Watson bring up discoloration from black algae (i.e., the black-streak effect) as well as missing shingles and exposed underlayment. The video is under three minutes, it's well shot, and the information is easy to understand. We bring it up not because we think home improvement contractors don't know how to spot an aging roof, or one in need of repairs. We know they do, as do the guys at Exterior Medics, who present the information as stuff homeowners should know. We bring it up because it's a great example of how home improvement contractors can use YouTube—currently the most popular social media platform in the country—to simueltaneously educates consumers (so they better know when they need to hire a contractor) while cultivating the company as industry thought leaders and authorities on all things roofing (and home improvement). 

Take notes, readers (and watchers).  

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