DIY Fails

Here's a roundup of the best (or worst!) DIY jobs on Instagram. This is what happens when you don't #hireacontractor

September 08, 2021
Terrible lighting

There are a lot of reasons why some homeowners take on remodeling projects they have no business trying to handle on their own. Maybe they saw a TV show that made it look easy, relied on the wrong Youtube video for help, or were told that a friend of their brother's neighbor did this type of work all the time. But whatever the cause, these projects gone wrong are equal parts funny and painful to see. 


dangerous stairs
Not sure what's happening with these stairs, but I hope there isn't anyone over 60 who has to use them. Or under five. Or anywhere in between. (Posted by @colene_wells)

bad DIY kitchen remodel

Bishop Rock is a rocky mass in the Atlantic Ocean. It is also the world's smallest island...until now. (Posted by @atamamconstruction)

Off center fireplace remodeling

Should I measure that wall? Nah, I can just do this by sight. (Posted by @homesbycc)

DIY remodeling fail

A kitchen designer would have caught this. So easy to avoid with a little planning and some filller on that corner. (Posted by @dawngrimshaw_realtor_bhgre)


DIY remodel fail

This handy feature allows the door to open fully! (Posted by @jacqueline.inspects.abchi)

Remodeling DIY fail

This one is actually very sad. A Victorian home that was broken up into apartments and along the way its exterior was ruined. 

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About the Author

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