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Diamond Kote® Building Products Introduces New Products to their Complete Siding System™

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Diamond Kote® Building Products Introduces New Products to their Complete Siding System™

 Siding trim innovations that save time and hassle

August 23, 2023
Diamond Kote 2023

Diamond Kote® Building Products, an industry-leading siding manufacturer, has just released two new innovative products to their Complete Siding System™– Rabbeted Nail Fin Trim and Rabbeted Nail Fin Outside Corners.

These groundbreaking new products take Diamond Kote’s easy-to-install trim system one step further by not only including the nailing flange contractors have come to rely on for the past ten years but by incorporating a j-pocket right into the trim.

The biggest benefit of these products is that they eliminate the need for caulk. “You get a cleaner, crisper look and don’t have to worry about caulking all of your seams,” says Brandon Hofstetter, Diamond Kote’s Technical Product Expert, a contractor with over 25 years of experience. “These products will be a game changer for siding installers.”

Additionally, these features reduce the number of tedious touch-ups for contractors by doing away with face nails. And because cut ends are now concealed in the pocket, micro-precise recuts are a thing of the past. 

The Rabbeted Nail Fin Trim and Outside Corners are available in various lengths and widths, available in all standard colors with the unique option to utilize custom colors.
These Diamond Kote product line additions are the first of their kind in the engineered wood market; guaranteed to make installation faster and easier without sacrificing aesthetics. Visit diamondkotesiding.com to learn more.



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