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DeWalt Floor Plan App/Stanley Tools TLM99 Laser Distance Measurer

February 25, 2015

DeWalt’s new Floor Plan App can be used by itself or in combination with the Stanley  Tools TLM99 Laser Distance Measurer to fully plan and create any space. Users simply move the camera on their smartphone or tablet around a room, virtually laying out items as they go. The TLM99 can automatically calculate square footage, volume, and distances to within +/– 3/32 inch and add them to the floor plan. Plans can be saved and exported in a variety of file formats. 



Isn't  this app a rip-off of Magic Plan, that runs on Android and iphones?

How does it work without the laser?

The Stanley Floor Plan app works using the smartphone's camera. The app is available here.

I can't find the app to download.  Where is it?

You can find the app here.

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