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Biophilic Bathroom

With the rise of personalization and organic design during the pandemic, biophilia has had a moment in remodeling projects. Will it last?

A fast, efficient, repeatable way to build drawers that are strong enough for the way most drawers are used

What's wrong with this kitchen lighting scheme? Can lights located in aisles cast shadow on tasks when the cook stands at the counter. Under-cabinet lights mounted against the wall cause glare. There are too few fixtures to light an island of this size. Read on for solutions that will bring better lighting to your kitchen designs.

Evidence-based design brings kitchen lighting out of the shadows

Despite the growing popularity of ADUs, few local governments have defined policies for addressing them

Americans will spend nearly $70 billion on their pets this year, so it’s no wonder many households are now including animals in their remodeling plans

Before photos: Doug Walter; after photos: Tracy Rivera Photography

This accessible remodel provides the homeowner with much-needed quality of life without breaking the bank

Before images: courtesy Phil Kean Design Group; after images: Jeffrey A. Davis, Davis Photography

Details about the interior products and technologies used in the Orlando show home

Photo: Hood River reDesign

These heating-cooling marvels work great but don’t always go with the rest of the room. Here are five ways to dress them up or conceal them altogether.

There's strong growth in trades working with energy-efficient products

stack effect diagram


All diagrams in this article: courtesy Building Science for Building Enclosures, 2005, J.F. Straube and E.F.P. Burnett, published by Building Science Press

As long as there’s a temperature difference and some height, the air is churning.

Photo: Your Garage Organizer

A look at customized, gender-specific spaces for work and play

The New American Remodeled Home exterior

A remodeled 30-something Florida house radiates new style, energy, and up-to-the-minute design genius

To find the right shapes and proportions, think of the wall section as a classical column

Photo: Erika Taylor

For contractor, author, and reality TV star Brent Hull, a timeless house is a pursuit of education, understanding, and refinement

Photo: courtesy CBI Design Professionals

Ceilings offer a new plane to add definition and drama to a space 

Photo: courtesy Beth Singer

This work of functional art was a collaboration involving an imaginative design team, a well-organized remodeler, and a master stonemason

Rendering: Courtesy Phil Kean Design Group

The New American Remodeled Home reinvents a dated 1987 Florida residence


All photos: courtesy Doug Walter

An open plan and offset cabinet layout transform this cramped tudor galley kitchen into a modern space with an old-fashioned feel

Michael Anschel at the Kirei booth at 2016 Greenbuild

At the Kirei booth, I checked out the sound-absorbing properties (0.85 NRC) of the EchoPanel. This felt product not only dampens sound, it's made up of 60 percent recycled material.  

As green goes increasingly mainstream, Michael Anschel selects the stand-out products at the 2016 show

Remodelers and builders who want to be proficient in their craft should understand the designs they imitate


Photo: courtesy Skyway Electric & Solar

Past year sees nearly 30% jump in home solar activity 

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