new kitchen design is going away from white

Monolithic white kitchens have given way to accents in matte black, and rich, saturated color.

New styles emphasize bold choices and homeowners’ individuality

Curious to learn more about energy-efficiency certification programs and related resources? Here's a sampling

Construction worker installing housewrap on a house

When certifying a remodeling project, it’s important to find the program that best suits your needs. Here's an overview of the options

New state-of-the-art manufacturing and printing techniques have resulted in much more intriguing and versatile tiles.

This awkwardly shaped kitchen is inefficient, with lots of wasted space and not enough storage. Plus, side-door traffic runs right through the work area.

The Energy Star label helps sell windows, but the criteria used to determine those ratings on that label have changed

Weatherization, Paul Sableman, Michigan, WAP

The federal Weatherization Assistance Program provides families with energy-saving products. One study claims the uprfront investments are about twice the actual savings. Many in the industry disagree. Photo: Paul Sableman

Remodeling experts respond to a study claiming that weatherizing a home costs more than it saves

Lake House Remodel by Bright Ideas by Martinec, rear of house

Rear of the home after the remodel. Photo by Nick Marx

In this remodel, a trusting client and a thoughtful remodeler come together to connect a lakeside house to its unique site

Building Science: Different Insulation Materials Perform the Same When Properly Installed

Photo: Brett & Sue Coulstock/Flickr

New findings from a multi-year test Building Science Corp. conducted in collaboration with manufacturers and other industry partners

Design: Does this Building Look Like Beyoncé?

Renderings courtesy of Elenberg Fraser.

The "bootylicious" façade was designed to redistribute the building's mass for optimal structural dispersion, frequency oscillation, and wind requirements

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The retrofitted homes researchers analyzed only saved less than half the price of the improvements

bathroom plan sketch by Bill Millholland

One bath used to be the rule, but these days one bath per bedroom is the trend. A second-floor addition is the answer, but it takes three tries to help clients work through the problem.

LED lights close up

With initial cost for bulbs coming down, there just aren’t any good reasons left for not making the switch to LEDs

Kitchen remodel by Risinger Homes, Austin, Texas

Photos: Whit Preston

Creating aesthetically relevant retro designs isn’t just a matter of slapping up a wall of beadboard and calling it a day 

Wanting to go off the grid may also mean an additional shopping trip to the local appliance store.

Design: What Exactly Makes a White Kitchen ‘Timeless?’

Photo: Christy Bright/Flickr

Real estate brokers report that many home buyers look for a kitchen washed in white

Watch an Olympian Try to Power a Toaster

This Olympic cyclist is just barely able toast a piece of bread

A house that uses Marvin Windows' Contemporary Awning windows, from the Contemporary Studio collection.

Marvin Windows says that all of its windows currently meet the Energy Star Version 6.0 standard. (Pictured here are Marvin’s Contemporary Awning windows, from the Contemporary Studio collection.)  

Ultra-efficient Energy Star Version 6.0 windows are here, but are homeowners willing to pay the higher prices?

Photo: Flickr

Building science expert Allison Bailes gives tips on how to save yourself from doing more work to block and seal air

Don’t let faulty window installation ruin the performance of an otherwise well-built home

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