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Brick veneer and rigid exterior foam raise questions about deck ledger connections. We provide some answers.

Permeable stone reduces storm water runoff, flooding, erosion and drainage problems, just like Boral's new Permeable Pavers.

The Color Changing LED Step Lights Kits by Bulbrite include 10 color-changing LED step lights, which can be expanded to up to 30 units.

From rail to deck to fire bowl, home builders and remodelers can use these outdoor living products to turn customer heads.

Innovative new products for the remodeling and building industries

Decking and outdoor living products for builders and remodelers.

composite versus wood siding what are the differences?

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When it comes to selecting the surface material for an outdoor deck, homeowners' options are better looking, better performing and easier to install.

From modest grilling stations to lavish outdoor kitchens, from cozy fire pits to beautifully detailed masonry fireplaces, adding outdoor living space has become a priority when it comes to the home improvement project consumers most eagerly consider when they want to boost the livability of their home.

Last year, the big story was composites versus wood. Now the big names in decking have introduced a new contender, PVC, yet they are harkening back to their roots by emulating tropical hardwoods and variegated colors.

The annual Best In Class Survey conducted by the research staff of Professional Remodeler magazine shows how the industry's leading manufacturers carve up the market.

Products for building or remodeling a deck.

Designing and building outdoor living areas for your clients triggers a quandary: What style should it be? The easy answer is to slap a wood or composite deck onto the back of the house. But your clients are likely to be more delighted with an outdoor living area that takes its design cues from the house itself.

Remodeling clients across the country are requesting maintenance-free, environmentally conscious decking products, and ways to improve the outdoors and the time they spend there. Manufacturers, builders and remodelers alike are stepping up to the plate by expanding their offerings. Here are five of the biggest trends in outdoor living today.

With the topic of global warming now fixed in the national discourse, green building and remodeling has surged. Contractors, architects and clients are more likely than ever to ask: how can this project be energy efficient, resource-conservative, and healthy and comfortable, too? Those questions apply to outdoor living areas, too: how can we use green building principles to construct this deck?...

Here are some products that can be used for trendy outdoor living spaces.

The stay-at-home trend coupled with the home-improvement boom continues to bode well for contractors who specialize in deck building and outdoor living areas. One way to operate the most profitable business possible is to implement highly efficient systems.

The same way a thoughtfully chosen frame enhances a work of art, the landscaping that surrounds this spec-built luxury ranch creates a lush, secluded setting for this Wallace Neff-inspired beauty in Irvine, Calif.

Materials such as glass, wire and engineered composite products are winning over traditional wood offerings in railings and balusters. Consumers are interested in the new products with an eye toward durability and design.

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