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Woods Restoration Services strives to lessen the trauma for its fire-restoration clients.

October 31, 1999

Martin Woods read somewhere that house fires rank among the three most traumatic experiences in life. Woods Restoration Services strives to lighten the burden for its fire-restoration clients, and Maureen and Philip Turcotte immediately picked up on that commitment to customer service. Though their insurance adjuster gave them a list of many contractors to consider, "We both liked Woods," says Maureen. After the job was completed, Woods still earned top marks.

The contractor demonstrated professionalism. "They came out right away," says Maureen. "They kept appointments. They went through the house with us and told us what had to be done. We were very, very impressed."

The company presented options to capitalize on remodeling opportunities. Woods representatives told the Turcottes that because their house would be gutted before reconstruction, this would be the time to consider changes. Woods identified savings that the Turcottes then used to pay for a kitchen upgrade and several other improvements. "It was so great that they’d say to me, ‘You can do this, or you don’t have to,’ and gave us time to make decisions," says Maureen.

The contractor’s design ideas were excellent. Project foreman Mike Roche contributed many ideas to make the rebuilt house better than the original, without extra cost -- from a living room bow window to bathroom cabinets to ceiling fan lights. Maureen learned to trust Roche’s judgment. When it came to selecting bathroom tiles, she left it up to him. "What he chose was beautiful," Turcotte says.

Production never lagged. Roche and his crew worked constantly, says Maureen. "I checked in almost every day, and they were always here, really working."

Workmanship was good. "I was impressed by everyone," says Maureen, "the electrician, the painters and wallpaper hangers." She also appreciated that Roche worked alongside them every step of the way.

The Turcottes are happy customers. The project? "Everything went so smooth," says Maureen. The schedule? "They got it done in the six months [as promised]." The contractor? "I can’t say enough about Mike and Woods." The rebuilt house? "I love it."

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