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A Conversation with High Street Homes’ Brett and Kara Phillips About “Girls” Actress Zosia Mamet’s Upstate New York Cambria Installation

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A Conversation with High Street Homes’ Brett and Kara Phillips About “Girls” Actress Zosia Mamet’s Upstate New York Cambria Installation

Brett and Kara Phillips, the interior designers behind High Street Homes in Fort Worth, Texas, explain their inspiration for “Girls” actress Zosia Mamet’s upstate New York home and why they chose they chose Cambria for the remodel.

By Cambria March 1, 2020

Tell us about your inspiration for the project.

Zosia and her husband Evan loved the existing home structure, but it was really small with an L-shaped kitchen that was hard to navigate. The home overlooks the lake and is nestled in the trees, and we wanted it to be a place of retreat for them and their family that felt homey but still elevated. After we started talking, they had us visit for a weekend to actually experience the property. Because we were working remotely, that first weekend was important to help us understand flow, pain points, and how to maximize the experience for guests and for everyday living.


Did you have specific goals?

We noticed really quickly the lack of a communal space to come together, especially in the kitchen, which is where we installed Cambria. We wanted to open it up so movement was much more fluid. I mean, you couldn’t even open the fridge and oven at the same time. The organic movement in Cambria met the needs of a modern log cabin and felt updated, clean, and fresh and still simple and beautiful. It’s elegant, clean, and party-ready. We wanted to keep the feel of the existing 1920s log cabin but update it, and the countertop was a perfect fit for that. 


How did you approach planning?

Data points we focus on are things that impact flow, function, and light. Because the kitchen would be used for entertaining, the countertops needed to be particularly durable. Cambria surfaces are made of pure, natural quartz and feature unparalleled strength and durability. They’re nonabsorbent and certified NSF 51, so they’re food safe; are scratch and stain resistant against common household items like coffee and wine; and they’re maintenance free. You can literally just wash with warm water and mild soap if desired. Plus, Cambria backs everything with a transferable Full Lifetime Warranty, so it was an obvious choice.

Cambria offers a vast design palette and versatility that makes it ideal for use in so many places outside the kitchen. Photo credit Dan Swindel


Were you thinking about color and style?

Our design really embraces the thing that’s going to be livable and be great for longevity.

Cambria offers the most expansive design palette in the industry with designs in a wide variety of hues, depths, and movements, all of which can be easily mixed and matched together for a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. For us, the style of Winterbourne™ felt a bit more modern in the space, and we liked that the Ella™ design felt natural. I think there’s a misunderstanding that quartz feels manufactured, but the Ella veining really captured those organic, earthy elements and movement. Sure, you can find a similar look in another stone, but you don’t get the same durability. Cambria requires no sealing, polishing, or reconditioning–ever.  Not to mention, it’s maintenance free.


What was the aesthetic direction for surface material selections? Any specific criteria?

We love quartz and were blown away by the Cambria process. We love the quality and ease of use, how it’s easy to clean and that prep areas are nonabsorbent and food-safe, which people think about a lot when they cook. Cambria is perfect for parties and everyday living. The beauty of the material is only matched by its performance.


What sustainability goals, if any, were required for the project?

We tried to minimize additional waste as much as possible and really worked within the walls. With Cambria, the stone makes a big impact, just not on the environment. We love Cambria’s commitment to sustainability. They responsibly procure their quartz from their own mine and other original sites and recycle 100% of the water used in polishing.

Cambria combines top-quality porudcts and design innovation with exceptional personal service from start to finish on every project. Photo credit Dan Swindel 


What specific criteria did Cambria meet to achieve the design goals of your project?

For countertops, we knew we wanted something light. Marble wasn’t an option because we really wanted this to be a no fuss place. With Cambria, they wouldn’t have to worry about it. They could literally operate on the countertops, and because Cambria is scratch resistant, it would still look brand new. Cambria really is the best out there. It was a natural selection for us because it met all of our criteria: it was light, beautiful, and durable and was a product they could have for a really long time and always love.


What experiences did you have working with Cambria?

They’re the best. They’re super easy to work with and are fun too. They’re very proud of their product, and that’s one of the biggest markers you look for when searching for partners. Cambria is extremely proud of the good work they’ve been doing, and they should be.


Will you use Cambria again?

We had not used Cambria before but loved the product and quality so much that we sourced Cambria again for a recent new build project in Texas. We used Brittanicca Warm™ throughout the kitchen and Delgatie™ in the bathrooms. The countertops were recently installed and they provide incredible depth in color. Our clients, and we, could not be more pleased with the result.


To find out how to incorporate Cambria in your next project, click here.


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