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Contractors Hail the Benefits of Composite Roofing

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Contractors Hail the Benefits of Composite Roofing

By DaVinci Roofscapes May 7, 2018

Get ready … after a brutal winter throughout the country, springtime weather is no picnic. High winds, hail, and tornados are all commonplace as the weather warms up and storms kick in.

To help protect their homes, many people turn to composite shake and slate roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes --- especially those who previously had impact-resistant asphalt roofing tiles.

“In our marketplace, we always have people with impact-resistant roofs shopping for a new roof,” says Brett Hall with Joe Hall Roofing Inc. in Texas. “Why? Because their existing roof received hail damage and didn’t perform as they expected.

“Education is our best tool. We set up our sales presentations as ‘buying experiences’similar to purchasing a new car. We give people hands-on experience with the DaVinci synthetic products and stress the Lifetime Limited Warranty.”



Hail and Farewell

Hall’s experiences with homeowners and hail in Texas are mimicked in Nebraska and Oklahoma.

With the severity of hail storms in Nebraska, Trent Lovewell says impact asphalt roofs generally hold up no longer than five years. And, many of his customers with real wood shake roofs are actively converting to composite roofing.

“We’re dealing with insurance companies eager to drop homeowners with wood shake roofs or repeat asphalt roof damage,” says Lovewell with John Higgins Weatherguard, Inc. “Quite simply, insurance companies are tired of making payments to people who make the same mistakes.”

“Our people always recommend homeowners use their insurance dollars and invest in composite roofing. We’ve installed more than 400 DaVinci roofs in the past 15 years. Those homeowners never come back to us with damage concerns.”

Lovewell and other roofers promote that durable DaVinci tiles are Class 4 impact rated, meeting or exceeding the UL 2218 Impact Test. The composite tiles are also rated to resist 110 mph straight-line winds and are Class A fire rated.


Standing Up to Storms

In Oklahoma, the team at Jenco Roofing also sees hail as the number one reason why homeowners come to them for replacement roofs.

“2010, 2012, 2015 … baseball, softball and golf ball sized hail came down that piled up in drifts and drastically damaged roofs --- all except the DaVinci roofing we installed,” says Doyle Tiffin with Jenco Roofing. “I routinely inspect our previously-installed DaVinci roofs and find no damage.”

“In our state, impact resistant asphalt roofing generally lasts until it’s damaged by hail, which can happen quickly. We offer DaVinci products over asphalt as a virtual hail resistant shingle and one that adds value to higher-end homes.”

“A product like DaVinci helps roofing headaches go away for homeowners. Plus we’ve seen some insurance companies offer up to 25 percent discount on annual premiums … that makes a big impression on homeowners.”

Engineered to last, the unique composite construction of DaVinci tiles outperform other roofing options. Constructed of pure virgin resins, UV, and thermal stabilizers, plus a highly-specialized fire retardant, this state-of-the-art tile endures beautifully in any climate. You won’t find a better looking or better-performing roof at any price.


For more information, visit www.davinciroofscapes.com.

To help protect their homes, many people turn to composite shake and slate roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes.

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